Welcome to Chill of the Grave!

I know, there are already so many WoW blogs out there, why start another one? Well, for one thing, because my boyfriend was getting tired of me keeping him up all night debating to myself the relative merits of Glyph of Death and Decay and Glyph of Obliterate. I'm a writer deep down in my bones, and a chatty one too, so this is largely a place for me to talk about things.

It's also a place to provide information for people who want to actually learn to play this class, though I'm more interested in debate than simply saying "This is how you have to do things or you fail". While there are definitely things you have to follow, there's plenty that is open to your own personal playstyle, and I believe all valid ways of playing the game are, well, valid. I prefer debating the advantages and disadvantages of one thing vs another to outright declaring that one is the only way to do things. I personally prefer to play as DW Frost, both in my Tanking and DPS roles, and that's the view I'm going to bring to this blog, but I don't think other specs are wrong. In fact, if this blog catches on, I'll look into getting Blood and Unholy columnists, too. I'm planning to approach things more in the fashion of sites like Mania's Arcania than Elitist Jerks. So expect that to be the attitude of the blog going forward: Informing and discussing decisions, not making them for you.

I'm also planning to do something most class sites don't: Discuss the lore of the class. I'm a creative type and an RPer at heart, and part of what made me so certain I would love playing a Death Knight from the start is the compelling lore around which the class is based. Expect to see discussions of lore and write-ups/reviews of things like the Death Knight manga in between posts about PvE mechanics and tanking.

And just who am I? My main is Dariahn of Thorium Brotherhood, Forsaken Death Knight of the RP guild Hand of the Blightcaller. I don't do much in the way of progression at the moment because of time limitations, but I do weekly 10-mans, roflstomp Heroics, and stay abreast of everything going on with the class. I was raid-tanking in Burning Crusade as a Forsaken Prot warrior, and I knew from the announcement of the Death Knight class that the combination of tanking capability and Forsaken-esque lore was going to make me love them. Since before I could roll one I was determined to learn to play the class well, and I like to think I've done a pretty good job of it.

So check back every so often! I hope to update at least once a week, ideally more, with assorted thoughts and opinions on WoW's most misunderstood class, and always feel free to comment!


  1. Thanks for the info - I'm still levelling but I'm also scanning every blog I can find for help and information.

    I've only levelled one DK out of the starting area so far, and I found it quite unsettling having to play a "bad guy". A Special Surprise was very difficult for me; much more so than Lambs to the Slaughter, and that was bad enough (I know, it's just a game, but I identify with my characters a lot).

    I find the lore fascinating and I'm very glad that Blizzard made the starting area so different from the others, since it helps to give the character a sense of being outcast and misunderstood, and yet determined to make up for past wrongs.

    I have a feeling it won't be long before I roll toons on an RP server ...

  2. The starting quests really do set the tone for who your character is and what it is they're atoning for, starting with killing peasants and ending with verbal abuse in your faction's home city. It really impressed me just how much story there was to it all.

    You sound like a good candidate for an RP server, definitely! :D

  3. Yay, just the kind of blog I've been hoping for! And from another girl who plays a male toon. Nice to see there are more of us around. :D

  4. Welcome to the blogospere! I really like what I've read so far. I really like that you'll be discussing the lore of this class.

    Returning to Azeroth after three years, 'flow' led me to play a Death Knight more then all my old chars, as the pressing story themes are central to them. But it's an interesting story, and one that I think, can be a challange to Roleplay well. So this blog is a happy discovery!