About the Author

Dariahn does not actually exist, except in the mind of his creator and on the Thorium Brotherhood server.  He enjoys long walks through the snow, armor with skulls on it, and letting his runeblades dine on the souls of those who would threaten his people.  Stories about him and his personal journal are posted at dariahnwheeler.livejournal.com.

His creator and player, sometimes much to her surprise, does exist.  She lives in Columbus, OH with two ferrets, two dwarf hamsters, an iguana, and a long-suffering roommate who can be found yelling at her from the next room to get out of the goddamn fire.  She has been playing World of Warcraft since January 2006, facerolling as a hunter, a mage, and a warrior before Blizzard blessed her with the Death Knight class.  Before that she contributed to the Transformers fandom under the handle Trixter, and she continues to make an annual pilgrimage to BotCon if for no other reason than to be crotchety and tell people to get off her lawn.  Though she's currently working tech support for a major insurance company, she is hoping to leverage her writing into a career like she should have done a decade ago.  She enjoys watching cartoons, dressing like a boy, and coffee.  Her personal blog lives at trixter.tumblr.com.

Art by the amazing Sihu from ThoBro.